Pecan Spinwheels® - McKee Foods
A collage of Little Debbie pecan spinwheels. Two are unwrapped with a package behind them. A carton of pecan pinwheels are on the left side.
Pecan Spinwheels®

Soft pastry rolled with cinnamon spice and pecan pieces.

The perfect breakfast exists, and they come two to a package. The Little Debbie® Vending Pecan Spinwheels pastries are the perfect blend of sweet dough, cinnamon spice and pieces of pecans. Each Spinwheels package is twin wrapped with calories displayed on the front of the wrap and packed in retail-ready cartons. This item is the perfect size for Vending Machines, Hospitals, Lodging, Colleges/Universities, B&I, Transportation, Caterers and Micro Markets.

  • FOA UPC 0 24300 89496
  • NET WT. 2.1 oz
  • Case Ct. 72 (6/12’s)
  • Net Case WT 9.52 lbs
  • Gross Case WT 12.85 lbs
  • Julian Date Coded only
  • Shelf Life 45 days, FOA: Freeze for up to 6 mos.

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