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About the Fieldstone Brand  

Fieldstone® Bakery offers flavors stacked in your favor with individually wrapped bakery snacks for every eating occasion, many of which are foodservice versions of national best-selling products, whole grain options that meet most school nutritional guidelines, and granola cereals in individually wrapped pouches and bulk. When considering your guests' snack carts, lunch boxes, or special treats why not add a snack that is sure to bring a Ready Baked Smile?

Our brand offers:

  • Foodservice versions of national best-selling products with proven consumer appeal
  • National Brand Recognition of Little Debbie®
  • Fresh baked snacks for every eating occasion
    • Shelf stable
    • Most products approved for freezing
    • Sell by and Julian Date-coded options
  • Continuous product innovation
  • High velocity to increase profits
  • Whole Grain Rich and USDA Smart Snack products
  • Fit Pick & Fit Pick Select varieties
  • Affordable costing for any price point
  • High velocity to increase profits
  • Individually wrapped in Display Ready caddies for quick shelf display
  • Whole grain options that meet most school nutritional guidelines
  • Granola cereals bulk and pre-packaged
    • Perfect for cafeterias and pairing with yogurt & fruit

We think you will agree that McKee Foodservice products will meet the needs of today’s foodservice customer.  We look forward to serving you!

Which business segment are you?

McKee Foodservice combines the Little Debbie Vending and Fieldstone Bakery brands into one easy location for tasty treats. We offer individually wrapped snacks for foodservice settings such as k-12 schools, healthcare facilities, vending machines, pantries, micro-markets and more. 

Little Debbie Vending and Fieldstone Bakery brands were developed by McKee Foods Corporation, a leader in the baking industry for nearly 60 years, best known for the Little Debbie brand snack cakes, with over 1 billion dollars in annual sales. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and technical expertise provide the finest quality bakery snacks in the right format at a competitive price.

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