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A collage of Zebra Cake images. Cakes with white icing and brown striped icing. One is wrapped. Two are unwrapped and one is cut in half showing cream filling. A carton of Zebra Cakes is in the background.
Zebra® Cakes

Delicious yellow cake with creme filling covered in white icing with fudgey stripes.

These zainy treats are made with delicious fluffy yellow cake with irresistible creme filling covered in white icing with fudgey stripes. The Little Debbie® Vending Zebra Cake is individually wrapped, labeled with calories displayed on the front of the wrap and packed in retail-ready cartons. This item is the perfect size for Vending Machines, Hospitals, Lodging, Colleges/Universities, B&I, Transportation, Caterers and Micro Markets.

  • Sell By UPC 0 24300 89295
  • FOA UPC 0 24300 89195
  • NET WT. 3.1 oz
  • Case Ct. 54 (9/6’s)
  • Net Case WT 10.46 lbs
  • Gross Case WT 10.70 lbs
  • Sell By Date & Julian Date Coded
  • Shelf Life 40 days, FOA: Freeze for up to 6 mos.

Always refer to the product package for the most accurate nutrition information and up-to-date list of ingredients. Paper copies of ingredients or nutrition information may quickly become obsolete as recipe and packaging changes are made. If concerned with food allergies, do not rely on this webpage for purchase decisions – refer to the product package.

Zebra Cakes Recipes

At McKee we have bakers, food scientists, marketing professionals and more with great pride in our products. They are committed to providing high quality products and excellent service with new and exciting creations. One of our favorite ways they do so is through recipes that anyone can cook up at home to impress friends and guests.