Chocolate Dipped Nutty Buddys - McKee Foods

Chocolate Dipped Nutty Buddys


  • Fieldstone® Bakery Nutty Buddys
  • Meltable Chocolate Disks
  • Nonstick Parchment (Baking) Paper
  • Assortment of Sprinkles or Toppings


  • Setup a pan with parchment paper where you can place dipped Nutty Buddys to dry.
  • Heat chocolate disks until they’re melted, but not boiling. Stir melted chocolate for even heating. Tip: Make sure to melt them in a cup tall enough to dip the Nutty Buddys into them at your desired height.
  • Unwrap a Fieldstone® Bakery Nutty Buddy and dip into melted chocolate at desired height.
  • Place the dipped Nutty Buddy on to the parchment paper and immediately add sprinkles or any topping you’d like while the chocolate is still sticky.
  • Set aside to dry and harden. Place in fridge or freezer to speed process.
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