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Fieldstone Favorites Say “Hello!”

Using different Fieldstone Bakery products to form each letter in the word “HELLO.

Greet your school nutrition students or healthcare residents with a creative snack activity! This simple and fun recipe provides an outlet for expression and doubles as a delicious treat. With just a few Fieldstone Bakery favorites, everyone will have the opportunity to make their very own edible work of art that spreads positivity and gets the creative energy flowing. Say “Hello” to a snack recipe that will make their day!


  • Fieldstone Bakery Nutty Buddy Wafer Bars
  • Fieldstone Bakery Glazed Honey Buns
  • Fieldstone Bakery Fig Bars
  • Fieldstone Bakery Mini Doodles Lemon
  • Fieldstone Bakery Oatmeal Creme Pies
  • Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Rounds


  1. Unwrap several of each Fieldstone Bakery product to begin.
  2. Using different Fieldstone Bakery products, form each letter in the word “HELLO.” You can use Mini Doodles lemon to draw a letter, unroll a Glazed Honey Bun for an “L”, or cut a round hole into an Oatmeal Creme Pie for an “O.” Be as creative as you wish!
  3. Place each letter in the center of your serving tray or parchment paper-lined table to spell the word “HELLO.” 
  4. Use a knife to cut some of the Fieldstone Bakery Nutty Buddy Wafer Bars, Fig Bars, Oatmeal Creme Pies, and Fudge Rounds. Cut each into triangles, squares, circles, or rectangles.
  5. Place the cut pieces around your “HELLO” design as a border. 
  6. That’s it! Say “Hello” to your masterpiece!

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