Fudge Drizzle Flowers - McKee Foods

Fudge Drizzle Flowers


  • Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Drizzle Rolls
  • Various colors of Wilton Candy Melts
  • Candy-pop sticks


  • To make one, layout 6 Candy Melts in a star/flower pattern on wax paper.
  • Melt a handful of the same color melts in the microwave. Use melting instructions on back of package. Be sure that the melted candy isn’t too hot or it will take a long time set and stick.
  • With a clean knife, cut a Fudge Drizzle Roll into three equal parts. TIP: Lightly microwave the Fudge Drizzle Roll to soften the frosting to reduce breaks.
  • Insert candy-pop stick in the bottom of the Fudge Drizzle Roll.
  • Dip one edge of the Fudge Drizzle Roll into the bowl of melted candy melts, about 1/3 of the edge of the roll should be covered.
  • While melted candy is still hot, set the Fudge Drizzle Roll slice on the star/flower candies set out in step one. Hold until melted candy sets and sticks.
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