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Fudge Round Flowers

Springtime snacking just got a whole lot sweeter! Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Rounds combine with icing to create the sweetest of sunflowers, while strawberries dipped in chocolate make fun little ladybugs. Together they are sure to put a smile on any face! Whether you share them with your customers, family, friends, or keep them all for yourself, these treats are sure to be enjoyed by all. Just remember: don't let the bumblebees get there first!


  • Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Rounds

  • Yellow and Black Icing

  • Green Straws

  • Strawberries

  • Chocolate Melting Discs

  • Circular Sugar Candies

  • Pastry Bag with Star Tip


  1. Collect and unwrap the individually contained Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Rounds.

  2. Add your favorite brand/flavor of yellow icing to your pastry bag with a star tip attached.

  3. Gently, one at a time, squeeze sunflower petals along the side of the Fudge Rounds.

  4. Allow fifteen minutes for the icing to dry and stick to the Fudge Rounds.

  5. Press your “stems” (the green straws) into the creme centers of the “flowers.”

  6. Melt the chocolate melting discs.

  7. Dip the strawberries a third of the way in, just deep enough to provide the base of your ladybugs’ faces.

  8. We recommend using a spare straw to draw a line along the back of the ladybugs, and adding a couple of dots too!

  9. Press two circular sugar candies onto the ladybugs’ faces for eyes.

  10. Use dots of black icing for the pupils.

  11. Place your sunflowers and ladybugs in a display for guests to pluck the sweet treats from!


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