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Perfect Pairings

Our Fieldstone Bakery snacks are loaded with delicious goodness and many of the products offer great whole-grain flavors kids love! These delicious, individually-wrapped snacks offer great grab-n-go snacking solutions perfect for busy days, quick breakfasts, and after-school snacks. They also are cost-effective, incredibly versatile and we feature a nice variety of K-12 products that meet USDA Smart Snack guidelines. Perfect on their own or when paired with other foods for meal and snack options kids will love, and adults can feel good about! Here are a few fun pairings to try to kick your snacking or mealtime fun up a notch or two.

Honey Bun + Milk

Perfect for dipping, our Fieldstone ® Bakery Honey Buns are the perfect match for a cold glass of milk. Talk about a breakfast slam dunk! With this pairing, you and your all-stars can start the day off right with protein and calcium. Our Honey Buns come in two sizes (1.76 oz and 4.0 oz) to fit whatever size cup of milk you shoot for. Just watch your dribbling!


Doodles + Sherbert

Refreshing sorbet and crunchy, whole-grain mini doodles make summertime snacking a dream. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing snack for students or an afternoon treat on the patio with customers, this winning combination of Fieldstone ® Bakery Mini Doodles and your favorite sorbet is sure to hit the spot. Our Mini Doodles come in both Lemon and Honey Graham flavors, perfect for pairing with all different types of sorbet.


Granola + Yogurt

Granola and yogurt go together like peas and carrots. Add a little fruit for a delicious parfait, and complete breakfast. Our wholesome, crunchy granola is a great snack all on its own, but also pairs well with your favorite yogurt. Layer yogurt, granola, and sliced fruit for a breakfast or snack time treat with a little pizzazz.


Fieldstone Bakery Smart Snacks + A Boxed Lunch

Our tasty snacks meet USDA Smart Snack guidelines, meaning they’re perfect for growing kids, especially during their school days. Individually wrapped and appropriately sized, these products pair perfectly with boxed lunches to tick that whole grain box. They’re also cost-effective, and kid-approved!


Gingerbread Snacks + Milk

What pairs better than cookies and milk? Well, try our Fieldstone Bakery Gingerbread Snacks with a tall glass of calcium-rich milk for a snack time treat kids will beg for. The soft, chewy gingerbread cookies bring the perfect hint of spice, and ice, cold milk serves as the perfect complement. Try dunking the cookies in milk too! It’s tasty.


Grains 2 Go + Yogurt

While you’re in a dipping mood, try our Fieldstone ® Bakery Grains 2 Go whole-grain bars dipped in your favorite yogurt. This is a pairing your kids are sure to love, and you’ll love them getting grains and goodness in one fell swoop. Give them the fuel they need to get their day on the go!


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