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Summer-Style Gingerbread Cookies

Who says gingerbread cookies are exclusively for the holidays? At Fieldstone® Bakery, we think gingerbread can be enjoyed year round, so we’re splashing into summer with a fun twist on decorating gingerbread cookies. Whether you make them for a fun birthday party in the summer months or just for a special afternoon snack, try this fun recipe and revel in the joy of spiced gingerbread any time of the year.


  • Fieldstone® Bakery Gingerbread Snacks
  • Cookie icing of choice
  • Food Coloring
  • Sprinkles, etc.


  1. Carefully unwrap Fieldstone® Bakery Gingerbread cookies, and place them on a plate or work surface.
  2. Use cookie icing to decorate the cookies in a summer theme with swimsuits on.
  3. Embellish cookies with sprinkles and other decorations of your choice.
  4. Enjoy!
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