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14 Ways To Celebrate National School Breakfast Week

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What better time is there to celebrate this important morning meal, than during National School Breakfast Week (NSBW), March 4th-8th, 2024! Schools across the country will be educating students and parents on the benefits of breakfast for students.  Two benefits include being more alert during the school day and maintaining a healthy weight. The benefit of increased alertness may also result in higher levels of achievement in reading and math, higher scores on standardized tests, and better concentration and memory.

School breakfast participation is already on the rise in many schools, thanks in part to the recent expansion of the availability of the Community Eligibility Provision, also known as CEP. In September, 2023, this expansion gave an estimated 3,000 more school districts in high-need areas the option to serve breakfast and lunch to all students at no cost. 

There’s never been a better time to showcase your tasty breakfast offerings, and remind students and parents how the morning meal can help children succeed.

Whether your school is offering breakfast in the classroom or in the cafeterias, Fieldstone Bakery wants to share a list of ideas to help you increase participation in your school program:

Creative Ideas to Help Increase Breakfast Program Participation

  1. Promote NSBW throughout your school community. There are various ways to achieve this, such as fliers and daily announcements, email newsletters and more. Have the students assist in creating the fliers that support this important week.
  2. Use Social Media as a tool! There are endless ways to promote School Breakfast Week on social media and to create a buzz for this very important meal available at school. Try some of the following hashtags with your posts.
  3. Place “You’re a winner” cards in select meals to add interest and fun! Give the winning student a free breakfast or small giveaway focused on nutrition.
  4. For older students run a social media contest in which participants share a selfie w/ breakfast for a chance to win a prize.
  5. Organize an in-class craft during which students create a fun breakfast. Find inspiration here: https://mckeefoodservice.com/recipes/easy-snacks-for-kids-to-make
  6. Incorporate the use of fun coloring & activity sheets featuring breakfast products and themes. Find inspiration here: https://mckeefoodservice.com/resources/activity-sheets
  7. Introduce new breakfast items to make the meal fun and interesting.
  8. Have a tasting for students to sample different breakfast items. Even have them vote on their favorites for added fun!
  9. Host Spirit Mornings where everyone dresses up in school colors to make breakfast fun. 
  10. Decorate an area of the school or cafeteria, and let students help.
  11. Brand your breakfast program with the help of your students. Ask the students to help your district create a brand name for your breakfast program that is focused on either the nutritious aspects of the program, or the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. The winning student or class could win a fun prize like a special activity or meal.
  12. Play Breakfast Trivia. Ask the students a daily question about the importance of breakfast or nutrition. Have them write their answers down and place them in a submission box. Each day draw a random winner and give the winning student a free breakfast or small giveaway focused on nutrition.
  13. Change it up and serve breakfast for lunch! Consider serving some of your students’ favorite breakfast items during lunch period, such as whole grain muffins, egg sandwiches and parfaits. They will get to sample some of your best breakfast items and it could create an increased interest in breakfast at school.
  14. Taste test new or featured products with the students. Have a table set up at lunch time with a new breakfast product. This will allow the students to sample some of the great products that they may be missing at breakfast. It will also create awareness for them that they can get a healthy, delicious breakfast at school!




However you celebrate and promote National School Breakfast week at your school or organization, we hope you know that Fieldstone Bakery is here to help. We know how important breakfast is, and we want your students to start their days off right, and have the fuel they need to do their very best every day. 

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