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National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! This annual observance shines a light on the importance of staying active through sports and other various physical activities. It’s no secret how being active can affect the overall health of our bodies, but it works wonders for mental health as well. Improve your heart health, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and enjoy that lovely feeling that only endorphins can provide.

Fun Ways to Get Active with Your Family

So, during the month of May, celebrate this cause by devoting some time to fun, physical activities at home with your family. Per the CDC, an hour for children and a half hour for adults is a great start for working toward a healthier lifestyle. There are myriad ways you and yours can get your bodies moving at home or in your very own neighborhood, and here are some fun suggestions!

  1. Stroll or Cruise– Go for a walk or bike ride in your neighborhood! Not only is this a great, and easy way to get active, but also it’ll provide you a little family time to chat and enjoy each others’ company.
  2. Hips Don’t Lie– Have a hula hoop or jump rope competition. Mom, Dad– How long has it been since you showed off your hula hooping skills? Have you forgotten the ways or have you still got it?
  3. Yard Game Extravaganza– Bust out those super fun summertime yard games like badminton, croquet, and bocce ball. This is another good way to get off the couch, get some fresh air, and appeal to your competitive side!
  4. Can You Kick It?– Have a soccer drill competition with your family. Set up cones in the yard for make-shift goals and to dribble around, and see who has the best soccer skills. Get those heart rates up, while also working on coordination. You could even play a little Monkey in the Middle soccer style!
  5. Walk or Plank– When your family is enjoying a little TV together, use the commercial breaks or episode transitions for a little activity. Try planking through the commercials or power walking in place to incorporate some movement into your relaxation session!

No matter how you and your family likes to move it, we hope you’ll do just that. There are plenty of simple ways to sprinkle some physical activity into your daily routines. The key is finding the right ones for your crew, because when it’s fun it doesn’t even feel like working out. When was the last time you actually played with your kids? Dust off your cartwheel skills, remember the simple joy that comes from riding a bike, and devote some time this month to sports and fitness! Then follow up your activity with a delicious treat from Fieldstone.

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