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Take Your Vending Machines to School

While we always hear about  how busy adults  are, students also have packed schedules. Moving from one class to another for six to eight hours a day while managing extracurricular activities and social groups makes for a hectic schedule. And at some point, they must make time to eat. It’s no wonder we’re seeing more teachers stocking their classrooms with snacks! That’s where the trusty vending machine comes in.

How Schools Benefit From Vending Machines

Vending machines are becoming more and more ubiquitous in schools, as they play a vital role in catering to the needs of students, faculty, and staff.  Here are some benefits schools experience by implementing vending machines:

Convenience: Many students will need supplemental snacks throughout the school day to stay alert and focused on learning and other important activities. The convenient grab-and-go nature of a vending machine is the perfect solution for busy students, or even school staff, who need a quick boost to finish out the day strong. 

Supplement to Meals: Many students, especially in high school, may not have the time to sit down for a full lunch. Vending machines can help tide them over and keep them energized until dinner time, especially if they participate in afterschool activities.

Revenue Generation: Schools often partner with vending operators as a way to generate additional revenue. The funds gained through vending machine purchases often help schools fund extracurricular activities for students. It’s a win-win all around for schools, students, and vending operators.

Access to Wholesome Options: While many vending machines hold sweets and salty snacks, most schools now follow USDA Smart Snacks requirements for their vending machine offerings. These requirements ensure that the stocked snacks meet certain nutritional standards, providing better snack options for growing students.

Schools can seriously benefit from vending machines in schools, and vending operators can, too! Fieldstone Bakery offers  FitPick Select products that meet school requirements, USDA Smart Snacks requirements, and CACFP guidelines. 

Mini Doodles Lemon

Fieldstone Bakery Mini Doodles Lemon are delicious mini cookies that serve whole grain goodness with a lemony crunch. Whole grain sweet graham cracker meets a touch of lemon for a satisfying midday snack for students and school staff alike. Served in individual pouches for added convenience, this snack is perfect for a quick bite between classes or during afterschool programs. They qualify for FitPick Select, meet school requirements, the USDA’s Smart Snacks requirements, and CACFP guidelines - they really do it all! With a shelf life of 150 days and a bulk case count of 144, Mini Doodles Lemon are an excellent addition to school vending operations. 

  • UPC 0 24300 09720 1
  • NET WT. 1.0 oz
  • Case Ct. 144 - bulk
  • Net Case WT 9.00 lbs
  • Gross Case WT 10.5 lbs
  • Shelf Life 150 days
  • Julian date coded

Premium Granola Grain Packets

Students and faculty can make up for missed breakfasts or stay energized with our Fieldstone Bakery Premium Granola Packets. These 1 oz. packets of rolled, baked oats with a hint of molasses provide 18 grams of whole grains with a delicious, slightly sweet crunch. Students can even sprinkle our Premium Granola on yogurt or pair it with milk for an extra boost of flavor. Our Premium Granola Packets qualify for FitPick Select and meet school requirements, the USDA’s Smart Snacks requirements, and CACFP guidelines. Bulk cases are packed with 144 packets with a shelf life of 270 days. 

  • UPC 0 24300 09788 1
  • NET WT. 1.0 oz
  • Case Ct. 144 – bulk
  • Net Case WT 10.38 lbs
  • Gross Case WT 10.38 lbs
  • Shelf Life 270 days
  • Julian date coded

Fieldstone Bakery: School Vending Champions

Students are the future, and at Fieldstone Bakery we know their nutrition plays a huge role in their success at school. Our FitPick Select snacks make it easy for vending operators to follow school snack requirements so their businesses benefit, and the schools. We love it when everyone wins! If you’d like to order or learn more about our Mini Doodles Lemon or Premium Granola Packets, we’d love to share the goodness. Get in touch with a sales rep to get started

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