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Education K-12

Education K-12

Perfect For: Breakfast   Snacks   Lunch   A la Carte   Summer Camps   Boxed Meals   After School Snacks   Perfect For: Breakfast   Snacks   Lunch   A la Carte   Summer Camps   Boxed Meals   After School Snacks  

Smart Snacks that Students Love

Looking for tasty, nutritious snacks to keep your students satisfied? We've got you covered!  We offer products that meet USDA Smart Snacks in school standards that are one grain as well as two grain offerings that are Smart Snack with entrée exemption. Get inspired with our delicious recipes creations ideas listed below to increase engagement. Plus, we offer activity sheets that are free to download to make snack time even more enjoyable!

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  • USDA Icon Many items meet USDA Smart Snack guidelines.
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Education K-12 FAQs

Where can I view bread/grain letters for Fieldstone Bakery products?
Where can I download the product information statements for Fieldstone Bakery whole grain products?
How do I read the code on our products?
Can I order a samples to taste the product with students?
What products does McKee Foodservice offer?
Are your products individually wrapped?

You can view and download bread/grain letters for smart snacks that meet USDA requirements via this link:

Grain Letters

Visit the Whole Grain product page showing all k-12 related products. Click on the product of interest to access all product information including nutritional information and ingredient statements. 

Whole Grain Products

Learn how to read the code on our products by downloading this pdf.

We may offer samples to school nutrition professionals to taste the product with students, provided the samples ship directly to a school facility.  Please request samples by emailing [email protected].

We have a tasty variety from cookies, bars and pastries to granola. All are made with quality ingredients that will satisfy your customers'  taste buds in every bite they take - no matter what flavor it is; we've got something for everyone here at McKee Foodservice. Enjoy!

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Our products are individually wrapped for your convenience with the exception of our Bulk Granola.  The products make an excellent grab 'n go option for breakfast, guest services, in room snacks and more. 

Our Bulk Premium Granola is great for breakfast bars as the perfect yogurt topping or as a hot or cold cereal. If guests are short on time and need a to go option, we offer an individually wrapped 1 Grain Premium Granola Packet that can be paired with a yogurt cup or eaten out of the packet! 

Customer Testimonials
We really like these products, and we feature Fieldstone Bakery granola in our yogurt bar.
— Diane P.
They were awesome ! The older kids like the grains 2 go bars, and the young ones seem to favor the Mini Doodles. They all like the granola. Great
— Rose S.
"These products are wonderful. I serve them as part of our breakfast and after school snack program. Thank you again for making this available to us."
— Carol U.
"This product is EXCELLENT! It is Moist — flavorful — great size… Will be adding it to our menu. Thank you."
— Patti T.
The mini doodles are a great after school snack.
— Mary Jo K.
The Mini Doodles are very good. The students love the lemon one! These are a great addition to my snack program and we also added Grains 2 Go to my lunch program.
— Janine B.

Questions about product information and distribution?

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