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A top view of laptops and other electronic items on a desk at a college or university. Snacks are scattered around  the desk. The college snacks include, pecan pinwheels, lemon doodles, honey buns, zebra cakes, and premium granola.

Colleges & Universities

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Snacks Fit for the Campus Lifestyle

Delight your students and staff with offerings from Little Debbie ®, America's favorite snack cakes, and Fieldstone ® Bakery, makers of delicious baked goods which include USDA Smart Snacks and premium whole grain rich granola products. We're here to help with your college’s boxed meals, catered events and day-to-day cafeteria offerings!

FAQs for Colleges & Universities

How do I read the code on our products?
Do you offer Smart Snacks that meet the USDA requirements?
Are your products Kosher Certified?
What products does McKee Foodservice offer?

Learn how to read the code on our products by downloading this pdf.

Fieldstone Bakery FitPick Select products include:

  • » Grains 2 Go Bars (Apple Cinnamon)
  • » Grains 2 Go Bars (Chocolate Chip)
  • » Mini Doodles (Lemon)
  • » Premium Granola Packets (1 grain)

FitPick products:

  • » Fig Bar

Standards include:

  • » Calories = 200 or less
  • » Fat = 8g or less (≤35% of calories)
  • » Saturated Fat = 2g or less (<10% of calories)
  • » Trans Fat = 0g
  • » Sugar = 18g or less (≤35% of weight)
  • » Sodium = ≤200mg or less*

Yes, our products are Kosher certified through the Orthodox Union. View the certificate with listed products here.

Kosher Products

We have a tasty variety from cookies, bars and pastries to granola. All are made with quality ingredients that will satisfy your customers'  taste buds in every bite they take - no matter what flavor it is; we've got something for everyone here at McKee Foodservice. Enjoy!

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Customer Testimonials
We really like these products, and we feature Fieldstone Bakery granola in our yogurt bar.
— Diane P.
"These products are wonderful. I serve them as part of our breakfast program. Thank you again for making this available to us."
— Carol U.
"This product is EXCELLENT! It is Moist — flavorful — great size… Will be adding it to our menu. Thank you."
— Patti T.
Fieldstone Premium Granola & Yogurt = delicious!
— Penny G, Facebook
Excellent and great tasting products!
— Stuard R.

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