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Premium Granola
(Original Bulk)

Rolled oats with a hint of molasses baked to a crisp golden cluster.

Snacking on granola isn’t complicated with Fieldstone® Bakery Original Granola! Rolled oats are expertly mixed with molasses that is baked to a crisp golden cluster ready to enjoy. This ideal treat is great for schools, healthcare facilities, recreation facilities or day camps. Each individual ½ cup serving (52 grams) equals a 2-grain equivalent and has 5 grams of protein. Bulk packaged and ready to eat with yogurt, as a cold or hot cereal with milk or for use in baking or making your own granola bars…even on salads. 

  • UPC 0 24300 09799 7
  • NET WT. ½ cup (52g)
  • Case Ct. 4 -50 oz bags 
  • Net Case WT 12.50 lbs
  • Gross Case WT 13.50 lbs
  • Shelf Life 270 days
  • Julian date coded

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