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PBJ Oats & Honey Sammies

PBJ Oats & Honey Sammies

Smiley Face Oatmeal Creme Pies

Smiley Face Oatmeal Creme Pies

Strawberry, Cream & Granola Bars

Strawberry, Cream & Granola Bars

Fudge Round Flowers

Fudge Round Flowers


Increase participation, impress your guests and add some fun to snack time at your facility with these fun recipe creations! Our creations pair your favorite McKee Foodservice product with familiar ingredients to help you shine and bring smiles to everyone!

5 Minute Blueberry Cream Cheese Doodle Dip

Sweet blueberries come together with cream cheese  to create a dip that pairs beautifully with the lemony goodness of our Mini Doodles.

Anyone Up For A Game Of Mini Doodles?

Challenge your team of customers, friends, and self to decorate these delicious Fieldstone® Bakery Mini Doodles as basketballs, softballs, and tennis balls! And then score points when the team bites into these tasty little treats.

School Snack Charcuterie Board

Create a School Snack Charcuterie Board for students or school events. It’s a fun dessert visually, and the snacks are whole grain-rich.

Mini Doodles + Sorbet

Refreshing sorbet and crunchy, whole-grain mini cookies make summertime snacking a dream. Whether you’re looking for a quick and low fat after-dinner dessert or an afternoon treat on the patio, this winning combination of Fieldstone® Bakery Mini Doodles and your favorite sorbet is sure to hit the spot. Our Mini Doodles come in both Lemon and Honey Graham flavors, perfect for pairing with all different types of sorbet.

Vanilla Pudding With Oatmeal Creme Pies

Serve a refreshingly scrumptious dessert with pre-made ingredients. It’s so simple, and your customers will enjoy this cool summertime dessert.

Strawberry Chocolate Parfait

Keep it simple and satisfying with a strawberry chocolate parfait featuring Fieldstone Bakery Premium Granola. Just add yogurt, strawberries, and dark chocolate!

Red, White & Blue Breakfast Bars

Red, White & Blue Breakfast Bars provide some patriotic fun for your students! They’ll enjoy the summertime sweetness when they bite into these berry-covered beauties. You’ll enjoy how easy they are to make.

Grains 2 Go Breakfast Bowl

Our Fieldstone Bakery Grains 2 Go Breakfast Bowl gives you a 2-grain breakfast solution covered in cinnamon and honey. Starting your day off with a meal this wholesome sets you up for success!

Yogurt And Applesauce Parfait

Send your family off with a cup of love, or give the kids a quick snack during playtime with these yogurt and applesauce parfaits featuring Fieldstone Bakery Premium Granola. Nothing like a bit of sugar to provide a burst of energy!

Gingerbread Scarecrows

Dress up Fieldstone® Gingerbread cookies like scarecrows just in time for the fall season! This fun and festive snack offers up an opportunity to get creative with decorating while making memories with family and friends.

Mini Donut Cats

Football Gingerbread Men