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Apple & Granola Nachos

Apple & Granola Nachos

Turkey Nutty Bars

Turkey Nutty Bars

Santa Oatmeal Creme Pies

Santa Oatmeal Creme Pies

Powdered Sugar Fig Bars

Powdered Sugar Fig Bars


Increase participation, impress your guests and add some fun to snack time at your facility with these fun recipe creations! Our creations pair your favorite McKee Foodservice product with familiar ingredients to help you shine and bring smiles to everyone!

Bee Wild Fudge Drizzle Rolls

Summer-Style Gingerbread Cookies

Who says gingerbread cookies are exclusively for the holidays? At Fieldstone® Bakery, we think gingerbread can be enjoyed year round, so we’re splashing into summer with a fun twist on decorating gingerbread cookies. Whether you make them for a fun birthday party in the summer months or just for a special afternoon snack, try this fun recipe and revel in the joy of spiced gingerbread any time of the year.

Fruit and Fudge Drizzle Skewers

FastStart Strawberry Cream Pie

Fudge Drizzle Flowers

Springtime Daisy Delights

Perfect Pairings

Our Fieldstone Bakery snacks are loaded with delicious goodness and many of the products offer great whole-grain flavors kids love! These delicious, individually-wrapped snacks offer great grab-n-go snacking solutions perfect for busy days, quick breakfasts, and after-school snacks. They also are cost-effective, incredibly versatile and we feature a nice variety of K-12 products that meet USDA Smart Snack guidelines. Perfect on their own or when paired with other foods for meal and snack options kids will love, and adults can feel good about! Here are a few fun pairings to try to kick your snacking or mealtime fun up a notch or two.

Totally or FastStart Slam Dunk

For a quick snack, dunk Fieldstone® Bakery FastStart Bars or Fieldstone® Bakery Totally Multigrain® Bars into yogurt or applesauce. It’s that easy!

FastStart™ Mini-Heart

How to create a whole grain-rich mini-heart using Fieldstone Bakery Strawberry FastStart™ breakfast bars.  

Totally Owls

Delight Snowman

Frosted Fudge Cake Reindeer